Do i claim the money my mom gives me to take care of her on my income tax ?

I took my mom in and am my moms primary care giver. She wants to give me money monthly to live here and to care for her. Do I have to declare this money ?

Asked over 1 year ago in Ontario
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Yes, this is technically income subject to income tax under section 3 of the Income Tax Act. Note however that gifts are exempt from taxation and so if your mom were to gift you the money then the funds would not be taxable. However, in order to have a valid gift, no consideration must be exchanged - which means plainly that no work is performed in exchange for the funds. In your case, you are clearly rendering services and so technically this could not be characterized as a true 'gift'. In accordance with the the facts you provided, the answer to your question is that the funds your mom pays you for your services is indeed taxable. 

Posted 11 months ago

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