Wrongful termination and invasion of privacy

Hello, i am from Alberta canada. I was just fired from my job, I have started the grievance process with my union. I had an unknown person record a video of me without my knowledge and then send this to the head office of 3 companies, the one i work for and 2 others that my company is a contractor for. I was fired for this video and am wanting to sue the person who filmed me.I have requested the video and email of this person from my union. Do i have solid ground to take legal action in this situation? Also, if my union wont help me am I able to sue for wrongful termination as well? All help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Asked 6 months ago in Alberta
Categories: Human Rights  Criminal Law  Constitutional Law  Defamation, Libel, Slander  Labour & Employment  Privacy Law  Workers' Compensation

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