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Good day all, I recently turned myself in for an offence that I did last month. I turned myself in because I truly feel that I want to put this behind me and that the actions I did were wrong and I feel horrible. The main just of it is my boss and I broke into a car and stole equipment. We brought it back to our office and I quit 6 days later because I realized how manipulative he was for a lot of things. (Tons of back story). Anyways, I feel horrible so I spoke to a Sgt and admitted my part of the break in. My former boss had the equipment last but is refusing to tell truth with police, so now all they have is my admission of guilt. Now I found out that the equipment in the vehicle is worth approximately $30,000. I'm trying to do my best to try and get a diversion or probation or something small to continue my life while still paying for my actions. What can I do?

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Truly first criminal offence ever for me.

Posted over 1 year ago

Edward Prutschi

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I'm sorry to hear about this difficult time in your life.

Your case is complex in that you have made an admission of guilt to the police (which likely severely limits your leverage in contesting the case at trial and thus also in negotiating a positive resolution - or 'plea deal) while at the same time, your co-accused boss has NOT made a similar admission and remains in possession (to the best of your knowledge) of the stolen goods.

Restitution of the stolen property (or their equivalent value) is the single most important thing you can do to minimize your sentence.

These types of negotiations are complex and you would be well-served to have an experienced criminal defence lawyer reviewing your case and handling the process.

If you would like to schedule an Initial Client Consultation to discuss your case further, I would be happy to assist.

Please contact me by email or phone at the coordinates below.

Posted over 1 year ago

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