Will i get a letter in the mail if i'm banned from a store?

I got caught shoplifting at a grocery store in Montreal today. The security guard took me to the back room and took my ID. He made me empty everything in my bag that I stole. Then, he called someone on the phone. I couldn't understand what he was saying because it was all in french, but I heard him say the address of the store. He was typing something on the computer. The police did not come. I felt really bad, and in the end he told me that I was free but I was banned from coming ever coming back to the store. Will this offence appear on my criminal record? I'm just worried that if I ever need a background check, it would show up. Also, my address on my ID is from British Columbia, and I'm worried that they'll send some kind of a letter to my address back home because my mom would find out if they mail something there. I'm really embarrassed- Would they send some kind of a letter to my address?

Asked 10 months ago in Montreal, British Columbia
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Andrew Captan

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Sorry to hear about the Shoplifting / Theft investigation.  If the police were not called, then it is unlikely that there would be any police occurrence report filed; the police must be involved, in some fashion, for an occurrence report to be recorded in their system.

There is no way to predict whether they may send you something in the mail.  If they do, the chances are that it may be a "civil recovery letter".  These are letters from lawyers who make a demand for an amount of money, in light of the "resources" used in apprehending you for the shoplifting event.  

A summary of what the letter entails can be found at the following link:


Andrew Captan
Toronto Criminal Lawyer

Posted 10 months ago

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