Based on my extreme situation, can my speeding ticket be reversed, and my demerit points returnd

Hi, I am from OntarioI am going to traffic court in 3 days because I have accumulated too many demerit points.My situation is a bit different. I am deathly allergic to a chemical that is found in most products. This makes me unable to work as I am a liability. I found out about this in 2017, I continued working but within a year I had used about a dozen or more Epipens. So at this point, using an Epipen was really no big deal, to me it was just another day. My doctor however was concerned, telling me that if working around the chemical doesnt kill me, using so many Epipens will. I found a new job, but again, the chemical was present. And again, I had to use more Epipens. She said I should leave that job as well. Now I was unemployed, racking up credit to pay off my bills, spending my savings to pay off my credit, but eventually I couldnt keep up. I was told I could apply for Employment insurance, so I did but it was an extensive wait. My doctor made an appointment with a top allergist so we could find a way for me to live my day-to-day. She said the wait could be 6 months for an appointment.They managed to squeeze me in and it ended up only being a 3 to 4 month wait.Fast forward to the day of my appointment. All my bills are overdue, my phone is going to cancelled, my insurance would be suspending their services, my phone is broken and I cannot afford the replacement fee, the bank cant give me a loan or an extension because my credit score went from the top to rock bottom.. EI needs a letter from the allergist, and a paid schooling program needs me to be on EI.My future depended on me making that appointment. I left early, and things were looking up, I was feeling good, so on the way, I stopped for something to eat. Just my luck, I start to have a reaction, so like always, I use an Epipen and I wait for the reaction to subside. This took some time, and now I was on track to be late. I less than 1km from my appointment with only a few minutes to find the building, find the allergists office, and get everything taken care of.The road was relatively empty, I was going 87 in a 60.. But again, this was an emergency. I was not in imminent danger, but my future and my well being were in jeopardy.If I missed the appointment, it would be another 4-6 month wait.I would be denied EI and possibly denied to reapply in the future.I would be denied the paid schooling program.I would have to sell my car for a fraction of what I paid only to put a dent in my debt and eventually it would shoot back up anyways..It was not life or death like a gun to my head, but my future would have been bleak, and quite honestly, I'd rather be dead than be in that situation. Stressed, depressed, beyond broke for the foreseeable future, unable to apply for a job because I have no transportation out of my small town, unable to get a job because I am a liability, unable to go anywhere without having a serious reaction.For me that appointment was life or death.I did not realize I could fight the ticket, so I paid. I lost demerit points and now my license is in review.If I tell the people at the meeting my story, could they reverse the charges?If I say I was unaware that I could fight the ticket, I was ignorant of my rights.Could they reverse the loss of demerit points? And possibly get my money back.

Asked 8 days ago in Ottawa, Ontario
Categories: Human Rights  Constitutional Law  Legal Aid

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