Dispute with bell bill for cancelled services they keep billing me for services i cancelled

dispute about bell bill...I owned a home in the country and had bell hpme phone...unlimited internet...and cable...but I sold my home...move out day was the last day of November 2018...I phoned bell November 19 2018 to cancel all of my services...did not want them transferred as I was moving in with my daughter in the city until I found a place...explained all of that to the bell agent on the phone..but the agent refused to leave a note to cancel and bell kept billing me...also asked how to return their equipment and was told I would receive info in the mail as it had to be mailed back with a number from bell...phoned a few more times about getting rid of their equipment finally in January 2019 around the beginning some agent on the phone gave me the number for returning the equipment and stated my bill was zero...paid November bill in December...but they kept billing me...tracked their equipment and they received it...since November 2018 they keep sending me a bill for $362..00...I do not owe them a cent...spent numerous hours arguing this issue...they keep saying I did not deactivate my account...if that if the procedure the agent I talked to should of done that...I do not know their procedure...my telephone call November 19 2018 was recorded...that is my proof...why do I need to have a court order for the transcript of...my...telephone call to prove I am right...how do I get them to stop harrasing me...I do not know what address they are billing me for...or even what services...help...please...thanks

Asked 8 days ago in Ontario
Categories: Private Investigations

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