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i was working in a store as a cashier and i 80dollars after my shifts end and i also have a extra receipt of customer of my own id..and i also have stickers that posted in a big item...i admiited i stole they.fired me and called the police.police gave me a notice.of appearance in court and also for.finger first offense and i have beeen in canada since 8mnths i just.have a PR card.. i i dont want that they charged me.a criminal i feel.guilty...and i am also pregnant.

Asked 12 months ago in Etobicoke, Ontario
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Andrew Captan

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I'm a criminal lawyer who can assist with your inquiry.

Sorry to hear about the situation regarding the Theft Under $5,000 / Shoplifting incident.  If you were not an employee of the store, I would suggest right off the bat that the Crown would likely screen your matter for Diversion, which is a way of dealing with a criminal matter without going through the regular process.  Completing a Diversion program would ultimately see the charge being withdrawn.

However, because you were an employee, the matter is normally treated a bit more seriously, as there is an "aggravating" factor of it being a breach of trust.  Judges and Crowns are required to treat breach of trust in a different way than a standard Theft case.  For that reason, I would recommend consulting with / retaining a criminal lawyer.

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Posted 12 months ago

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