Am i in a legal position pursue this matter as the dealer provided false documents and information.

My wife tried to purchase a vehicle in 2016 but was not approved, the dealer then tried to approve a loan with both of us, but was not approved. My wife purchased a vehicle with the dealer through in-house financing, my name was not on the lease agreement. Car repairs were done on January 14, 2017 on the vehicle at the dealership she purchased it from,said they would work the cost of the repairs into the lease agreement. The dealer sent my wife on May 29, 2018 that the lease has been fulfilled and required my wife to bring all documents proving the vehicle was mechanically checked and other documents to have the vehicle transferred to her and remove the lien. The vehicle was transferred on July 26, 2018, the dealer according to letter from May 29,2018 was satisfied that there was no outstanding balance for the vehicle. On September 21, 2018 my wife received a letter saying there is an outstanding balance for repairs done in January 2017, the letter contained two invoices dated July 25 and one August 25, 2018. My wife contacted the dealership to say that she fulfilled the lease agreement and that the dealer was satisfied on July 26, 2018 that is was paid with no outstanding balance. The dealer said to pay the the outstanding balance and my wife refused that the the letter she received in May 2018 states the lease was paid with no outstanding balance as per the agreement in January 2017 the cost of the car repairs included.My wife received a letter from Credit Bureau Services Canada regarding the debt from the dealer. My wife sent them a registered letter disputing that the dealer provided false information and the dealer should pursue other means by going to court. There is now a lien on the vehicle, Credit Bureau Services Canada has now reported my wife and I to the credit reporting agencies Equifax or other credit reporting agencies. My wife purchased the vehicle and my name was not on the lease, the dealer gave Credit Bureau Services Canada false information now I have been reported to a credit reporting agency, my credit score has been affected by the false information as well as my wife. The dealer provided Credit Bureau Services Canada with the two false invoices dated July 25 and August 25, 2018. If there was a balance outstanding according to the false invoices dated July 25 and August 25, 2018, the dealer would not have transferred the vehicle on July 26, 2018 as they claim.I need some direction in this matter.Thank you Anthony Tober

Asked over 1 year ago in Niagara falls, Ontario
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