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I live with my brother in Ontario, Canada. He had a girlfriend with whom he broke up last October. She owed me some money which I never got back from her. So apparently there were some text messages exchanged between them and he left him a couple of angry voice mails, so she calls the cops on my brother, they came to our door and she had given my name and his name both as people harassing her!, they told us not to call her anymore, I said I never called her, they talked to my brother and they left, a couple of days later they called again and asked to meet us, this time I said I was busy but they met my brother and said apparently she had received text from unknown numbers calling her names and asking for some money she owed back, so the cops met him and explained not to contact her again, checked his phone (voluntarily) and left, then they called me and said the same thing. No charges were laid or anything. This happened in August 2017. Now I recently got a job offer which requires a Certified Criminal Record Check issued under privacy act by RCMP. This is the job opportunity I have been waiting for all my life and I have got my foot in the door already. I have applied for the background check by RCMP and I am currently awaiting the results. I am worried the cops might have made notes regarding these incidents which might show up on my certified criminal record check even though no charges were laid and they never contacted us again. Is this a valid concern? if it does show up, what are my options to have this non-charge and non-conviction info. removed? I have heard stories of police reports (non-conviction and non-charge) showing up on background checks and ruining people's lives and I am very worried.

Asked 7 months ago in Newmarket, Ontario
Categories: Human Rights  Criminal Law  Labour & Employment

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Benjamin O Mbaegbu

Answer by Benjamin O Mbaegbu

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You have no criminal record regarding this incident. However, it Will be on record that the police spoke to you and the reasons for their attendance at your residence. For the fact that you were not convicted in court, means no criminal record

Posted 7 months ago

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