Am i being sexually harassed? what can i do?

Hello, I am in the automotive retail industry (drive through oil changes.)I am female. Recently I was placed on a 48 hour work suspension for reasons outside of this email. I was told to take it like a vacation, and it would be okay. but I had made a mistake and needed to be reprimanded as such.Because of this I have been anxious about speaking to a superior about innapropriate contact and language from my direct supervisor.Months ago when we learned that he would be transfered from another store ( we will call him Jared), and most likely promoted, an old assistant manager ( we will call him Alex ) said he was ‘pretty creepy with girls’. This was said a few times by some other people.Well, Alex was sent to another store and we recieved Jared. At the beginning Jared would make sexual ‘jokes’. I would pretend to laugh (though uncomfortable) and move on.Over time (about a month and a half) his comments have grown more sexual. He will touch my waist. Today he also caressed my arm. I asked him it was dirty or something. He simply stated ‘no’.At the end of the day all of the employees were closing (about 10 of us). Now averagely I wear a large sized shirt at work. However, it needed to be washed. So I wore a smaller uniform shirt with a tank top under it as sometimes one of the tip buttons pops open.It has popped open a few times during the day, so at the end I opened the top button. My chest is a bit large. So Jared made a comment about it ‘being closing time, and my cleavage is already out’ (I laughed again, though still uncomfortable ) and he then said that I was giving another employee a ‘4ft erection.’ this was said around 2-3 of my co-workers that are not my superiors.I feel uncomfortable moving forward with a complaint, as I fear they will dismiss me. I would like to note that this employee also has a reputation for being overly sexual with coworkers , as stated above. What can be done about this? I feel as though it gets worse every day.

Asked 4 months ago in Ontario
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Benjamin O Mbaegbu

Answer by Benjamin O Mbaegbu

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You can do two things First tell him that you feel uncomfortable with his sexual jokes and you are serious about expressing your feelings to him about his jokes. Secondly. You can speak to his superior about his behaviours. If non of this worked, speak to a human rights lawyer.

Posted 4 months ago

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