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I have a very simple question and will give background to assist related to the answer.I recently received an email asking if I was the person associated with the Canadian Knife Collectors Club. I replied "yes" and a conversation via email ensued related to at Deed of Gift.This particular DoG has a typed date of April 1984 but a space for the day which was never filled in by the person creating the DoG. In addition, while there is a signature on the DoG and a red dot beside it, in the two lines below with "per" beside them, there are no signatures.I assume the two lines would be for witnesses. A bit of background. The DoG was created by the originator of the CKCC and President. I joined the CKCC in August of 1980, was voted to the Board of Directors the same October and was President the following April (1981) with the original President still a Director.In August of 1984 I moved to my current home with the same phone number we have had since 1975.If I recall, the original President passed away in the summer of 1985. At that time the knife in question was in my possession. Over time the Presidency changed hands, the knife was kept at least one other location and then the second last President asked me to care for it once again as there was concerns what might happen to it.The CKCC had its last show in the Spring of 1997. I have maintained caretaker of the knife since then and had no idea as to where the person to whom the knife was supposed to go as I don't ever recall seeing the DoG at anytime and if I had, I would have expected I would have made sure that it was dated and witnessed.My major concern now is that because the DoG is missing a date and witnesses that the originator of the CKCC may have changed his mind about how he wished the knife to be disposed. The daughter of the person to whom the knife was to go has been the one communicating. She says her Mother is alive. She calls her Mother the widow of the owner and she herself as his step daughter. The creator of the DoG and the recipient were not together for 3 years as far as I am aware and I had never heard of them being married. I do know that the recipient spent lots of time with the creator of the DoG. My concern is that because this document seems to be lacking the day and is not witnessed, if I were to release the knife to her and in the future someone else came to me with a properly dated, signed and witnessed document I could be responsible for something I would no longer be caretaker of.Unfortunately, most of the other Directors at time of the original President's death and who might have been conversant with the recipient have died. In one case, the person that may have prepared the document, a lawyer by the name of Peter Scandiffio, the daughter has advised is ill from Alzheimers and no longer practices law. I have tried a home phone number for the family but I suspect it no longer functions as for 2 days now at random times all I get is a busy signal. Peter was also a Board member at the time in 1984 and a partner to the President in an company called Canadian Custom Knives.So basically, I want to know if the DoG is valid and if not, what my position might be. For years the piece was in my safe but currently resides sitting on a small coffee table in a room with much of our collection.I don't have an issue with ownership as long as things are legitimate and I nor my family don't become legally exposed in the future.

Asked 4 months ago in Mississauga, Ontario
Categories: Contracts

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