Spousal abandonment

What is needed to prove spousal abandonment in Canada? My wife left me while we were living overseas. I was then under psychiatric treatment for depression and anxiety. She harassed me daily for over 2 months to sign a document to give her the right to take our kids back to Canada. In my mental state, I couldnt handle the persistent nagging and relented and signed it. They were gone a week later. My health continued to deteriorate and i wound up in the hospital on 2 different occasions feeling like my life was coming to an end. My wife didnt even call to check on me and i have barely heard from her since. If it had not been for my parents who have taken care of me, i would not be around. What would be the process of laying charges if it is indeed abandonment? Do I file in Canada or from my country abroad?

Asked 11 days ago in Ontario
Categories: Criminal Law  Family Law

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