Aggressive landlord refusing repairs?

Months ago, the washing machine in our suite broke. What happened was that as the machine is placed on un-level floors, it has slid forward gradually over time. Eventually it got just far enough that it was just close enough to the door that upon one close of the door (it's placed within a closet), the dial of the machine broke off. Landlord has known about this for months and told tenant he must deal with getting it repaired. Is he valid in this?To add, he came to look at other repairs last night and brought by his mother/property manager (did not tell us she would be coming). He was on best behaviour (has previously yelled/sworn at other tenant - unprovoked) but woman was very aggressive, rude, and irritable - continuously lying about repairs that clearly need doing, but landlord agreed they did anyway. When they left, they went into landlords suite. We heard them talking, and one tenant filmed

Asked 12 days ago in Victoria, British Columbia
Categories: Landlord-Tenant

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she was mocking us, speaking incredibly disparagingly, and finally said she wanted to "kick the shit out of" me (23F). This reaction was NOT provoked or warranted. We have this on tape. They tried to lie and say it was about someone else but context proves otherwise.

Posted 12 days ago

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