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Hi, I have a question about potential lottery winners from PlayOLG site. For those who are subscribed to 6/49 and Lotto max tickets on PlayOLG, can they claim jackpots even if the tickets were purchased while the players were out of the country? To play on PlayOLG, players must be Ontario residents and be physically located in Ontario each time they play any of the games. But if they sign up for lottery subscriptions, they get to purchase the subscribed tickets automatically for every draw even if they're not in Ontario as long as they have sufficient funds. It's just that players have to be physically in Ontario at the time they sign up for the subscriptions. After that, they don't have to worry about logging in to purchase tickets because the site will do the work for them unlike those who manually purchase online. But here is another rule:"Each Player is prohibited from engaging in, and is required to immediately notify OLG upon becoming aware that another Player is or may be engaging in, any form of collusion, cheating, fraud or criminal activity or otherwise exploiting an unfair advantage involving any Game or other component of, including in connection with the registration of a Player Account, the deposit of funds with OLG to the credit of the notional balance of a Player Account or the withdrawal of Unutilized Funds."And one of the examples of this rule is "an unfair advantage includes the exploitation of a fault, loophole or error in any software that is used in connection with the operation of (including any Game) or the exploitation of any Error."With this rule in mind, will the abovementioned players be able to still fight for their jackpots? How would you handle this type of case?

Asked 4 months ago in Ontario
Categories: Wills, Estates, Trusts

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