How can i flee an alcoholic who i have a child with, while still protecting my child?

My child is 2 and the father is an alcoholic. Currently he is a few months sober, but I am wondering what I can do to protect my child if the dad relapses. I want to leave with my child for both our safety if he starts drinking again, but I can't risk him having unsupervised access, because my child will absolutely be in danger. I have very little proof of anything. I have been documenting everything for a year, and have managed to get him to admit over text to sexually assaulting me, and to scaring our child. But many of the worst things, I have no proof of. Pretty much all I have is my documentation. I have been protecting my child from harm since they were born, I have always done my best to keep them safe. This is part of the reason I have no proof - I haven't let him hurt our child, drive drunk with them, etc. If the dad is awarded access, I can't protect my child anymore. Is my documentation enough, or is it hearsay? What else can I do to prove he is unfit and can not be trusted to stay sober with our child? If one day he relapses and I have to take my child and leave, will he have the right to have my child unsupervised until a court order is in place? (documentation is text form and dated events, some including how much he drank each day)

Asked 5 months ago in Alberta
Categories: Family Law

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