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My name is Lexie and I'm wanting to take legal action against my mother. At the age of 13 years old I lost my father and due to that I started receiving cpp benefits from the canadian government. It is around $250 a month for the last 6 years and I have seen none of these payments as they were sent to her instead and she did not let me have access to this money so she has stolen from me a total of 18,000 I want to know how to take action to receive this money

Asked 6 months ago in Spruce grove, Alberta
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Benjamin O Mbaegbu

Answer by Benjamin O Mbaegbu

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At the age of 13 years you are considered a minor, and your mother became your biological guardian and has sole custody of you for upkeeps, accommodation clothing etc.
You should be grateful that you have a caring mother that did not let you grow up out of the family.
Most judges will not make a decision to your favor, rather, they may look at you and have in mind that something is wrong mentally or psychological.
Good kids do not take their parents to court on family matters about minor family matters.
moreover, the money you are paid monthly is very little for a proper upkeep of a child daily.
Please reconcile with your mother if you have decided to distance yourself from her based on this kind of belief.
You should love and cherish your mother that looked after you, take you to school, daycare, recreational activities etc, and cared for you from diaper to adulthood.
My advise will be no, you can not sue her, you will not win.

Have a wonderful week.

Posted 6 months ago

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