Q: My landlord is constantly bothering me about unpaid rents when they are paid and I have receipts to prove it. My landlord is constantly bothering me about unpaid rents when they are paid and I have receipts to prove it, I have paid him $950. I paid $700. in cash my roommate and I both counted it out before we gave it to him and the ministry has paid $250. more which I did not realise at the moment that I paid the landlord, after a day he has been putting letters on my door sending texts saying that I owe him money, my rent is $500. right now until I pay off Junes rent and he knows this, after I pay June rent off my rent will be $440. a month, he is constantly, bringing over letters threatening with suit and eviction , "HELP PLEASE"! We can not use our water, it is yellow and undrinkable and we can not wash clothes or bath with the water because it makes us itchy. when we wash our clothes they turn a different shade of color we buy our own drinking water, my roommate can use the towns water but I am allergic to fluoride and chlorine so I have to buy the more expensive water

Asked 6 months ago in Lac la biche, Alberta
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As a tenant, you have rights under relevant law to enjoy your rental place without disturbance from anybody including the landlord. The landlord also has obligations to provide all the services as promised in the lease agreement. It seems to me that your landlord may have not fulfilled his obligations, and if this is the case, there are procedures under the Residential Tenancies Act could help tenants in your situation.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss further. Our practice areas include criminal, human rights laws and landlord and tenant board issues. You can call and text me at 647-360-7182. 

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Posted 6 months ago

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