Grandparent/ child custody issue

Last night a friend of mine who is a new mother of just a few months came to spend the night watching movies and just relaxing, with no worry of children. She dropped her son off with her father (Child’s grandfather) and everything seemed fine. Now this morning she checked her phone to see several texts and calls from her father saying that he believes she is on drugs, he broke into her house and collected all of baby’s belongings and if she wants her child back she would have to come with the police to get her son. The grandfather has a history of drug abuse, he is also into his mid 60’s. Perhaps his mental state is compromised due to his past. I know my friend dabbled in the past, as lost of people do in their younger years. But she’s never had drug dependency issues and now being a mother wouldn’t dream of doing anything to harm herself or her child’s wellbeing. That being said, my question is: does the grandfather have any legal right to withhold his daughters child, and is it really necessary to have to get the cops involved for her to pick up her child?

Asked 5 months ago in Edmonton, Alberta
Categories: General Legal Questions  Family Law

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