Can stores share shoplifter identity to other stores via emails or website in ontraio

i did bad thing i steal from loblaws $25 when i was in parking lot 2 men show their securety id and they took me to a private rooms start two fill to fourms and pages . they call police they ask my driver license and got my home address and details they want . police came and i explain my mistake how stupid i am . police was polite and he knew i did not have any criminal records so he told me you can not come to visit loblaws for 1 year. he said becuase this is your first time im not charging you with any criminal record. i did not get any blue print form or finger tips. police said this your only chance if you do it again next police will never give you chance , and i learned my lesson but loblaws is near the other stores walking distance 5 minutes walk to walmart and also canadian tire and longous and i did steal some items from other stores before and they didnt catch me . im very worried that loblaws will give via Email or social Network my picture

Asked 2 days ago in Toronto, Ontario
Categories: Criminal Law

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