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Hi! I’m just looking for some answers to do with pay equality and when is it okay to pay someone less for the exact same job. I’m second year supervisor and am looking for 19$ an hour. I make 18 right now. The two previous supervisors made 19 and one made 20. They have said no to the 20 and also the 19 and offered 18.25. Is this legal? Neither of the other two do more work, or have any more schooling than what I have. I have worked in this department for 8 years where as they did 2 years in the department. I have more experience and work twice as hard as the one who made 20. We all have the same resume and they got paid at least 19 on the second year. Is there something legally wrong with this or can they just choose to give certain employees more for no reason?

Asked 8 months ago in Edmonton, Alberta
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Yes, there is indeed something wrong with that. Under the Employment Standards Act, subject to some exceptions, an employer cannot pay an employee less than another on the basis of sex or employment status when they perform the same kind of work in the same place, and the work requires the same skill, effort, and responsibility.

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Posted 8 months ago

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