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My daughters grandmother was granted costing 2 years ago by cas n the courts I agreed but she is suppose to let me see her and talk to her weekly and she doesn’t if my sistuation changed and I had a safer inviortn for her to come to she was suppose to be aloud to and my sistuation has changed I have a full time job I live with my boyfriend and his parents who have never been in trouble or any involvement with cas it’s a safe place for my child to be and her grandma won’t let her come her cause she says it’s not supervised which I’ve told her on numerous occasions one of my boyfriends parents are always here I’ve told her she can talk to them any time come look at the house herself and still no I see her once every month in a half if I’m lucky what do I do go back to court for visitation Or what are my options

Asked 10 days ago in Gananoque, Ontario
Categories: Family Law

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