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I would like to launch a clothing company. One of the words in the company name is trademarked, although in their list of "Goods," clothing is not listed. Am I OK to go ahead with it?

Asked about 1 year ago in Manitoba
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Andrei Mincov

Answer by Andrei Mincov

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You need to have someone who knows how trademarking actually works conduct a proper comprehensive trademark search for you.

Yes, you can do the search yourself. But the real problem is... How do you know if you're searching for the RIGHT things and how do you know if you are interpreting the results CORRECTLY?

You don't—which is precisely why you posted here. Problem is, you didn't give us enough information to provide you with an actionable response either.

Once you get the registrability opinion, you'll be able to strategize further.

If the name is problematic, go back to the drawing board.

If the name is available, trademark it prior to your launch to make sure the name remains yours by the time you are starting to see progress in your business.

If you are serious about building a brand that matters, you are welcome to fill out the form at — and get started with our process that includes a free comprehensive trademark search.

Posted about 1 year ago

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