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I was riding my bike not acting suspicious or committing a crime or anything like that i was just going to see afriend and the cops pulled me over one cop step out the Car and said I had no bell on my bike he then proceeded to ask for my name and birth date so I gave it to them there other cop who was still in the car type my name and birthday on the computer but couldn't find so I gave my info again he still couldn't find me in the system turns out he was entering the wrong birthday so the cop standing outside the car put me in handcuffs said I was arrested for obstruction but didnt read me my rights after the handcuffs were on he searched my bag and found drugs. was there grounds for them to search me and my bag and was this done legally

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Police can stop a person if they have reasonable suspicions that the person stopped committed an offence. The police could give the argument that they stopped you for not having a bell and this was a reasonable detention. 

The police can only charge you for obstruction if you were giving them the wrong information. If  you did not they shouldn't be able to charge you for this offence. This could be argued as an unlawful arrest. 

Courts have also mandated that rights to counsel be given right after detention or as soon as possible. This could be s10(b) violation. 

To search after a detention or lawful arrest, police are required to have reasonable and probably grounds (which is a more stringent test) that their safety is at stake. You could have a case to state they did not have have these grounds.

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Posted over 1 year ago

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