Hacking into someone's social media account.

I hacked someone's instagram account ( guessed the password).He called the cops on me. He is so mad and he wants to hire a lawyer to harm me. When I hacked his account I informed him and I told him I would give it back to him. He was mad and he called the police on me and he wants to get me in trouble. I begged him to forgive me but he still wants to get a lawyer and get me into jail. When I went on his account I didn't text anyone except a friend and asked him a question about myself. I gave the password to him and I apologized to him but he holds grudges and now he says he wants to teach me a lesson. I'm so scared, I'm only 16 ( he is 16 too). He also screenshotted out chat as evidence. What should I do? What's the worst thing that can happen?

Asked about 2 years ago in British Columbia
Categories: Internet

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