Question regarding using due diligence defence with strict liability if harm done was not inherently toxic

Brewery used organic material (not inherently toxic-could cause harm to animal and plant life for example) to make product. Discharge of this material reguarily into nearby creek was within legal requirements as determined by testing. With the build up of this organic material it caused the growth of algae in the creek decreasing the quality of the creek putting the safety of animal and plant life. If under strict liability would the defendant be able to use due diligence if they have all appropriate measures in place?

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When a strict liability offence is charged, it is up to the defendant to establish the defence of due diligence, which must be proven on a balance of probabilities. This defence requires that a person took "all reasonable care" to avoid the harm that resulted. Note, however, that the defendant need not prove they took all conceivable steps to avoid the harm. Whether all reasonable care was taken will be measured against that of a reasonable person in similar circumstances. 

The due diligence defence could also be available where the accused "had an honest but mistaken belief in facts which, if true, would render the act innocent."

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Posted 12 months ago

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