Are the cancellation policy stipulations legal.

I purchased an online course which offers a 30-day refund and cancellation policy. I am in Canada and the seller is located somewhere in the US. The course is photography business related, and I have a question about whether or not the stipulations for their cancellation policy are legal. Here are the terms: “I'm so confident that you're going to love (course name) that I have a 30 day money back guarantee. In order to qualify you must email and show us you tried the strategies & complete all the homework from the course to prove you tried. I want this to be a no-risk no-brainer for you because I know how life changing big client sales every time can be.” I am not satisfied with the information and strategies offered in the course, and wanted to cancel my subscription. 30 days to complete all of the homework and strategies outlined in the course is not sufficient, so it’s not practical to be required to prove that the strategies and homework don’t work, within the 30 days cancellation period. When I purchased the course I chose the payment plan of $99 US per month for 12 months. I want to cancel the subscription and stop payments for the online course. Also, if the seller refuses to cancel my subscription, if I cancel my credit card to prevent future payments, could there be negative ramifications to me (could the seller sue me, etc)?

Asked over 2 years ago in Edmonton, Alberta
Categories: Internet  Contracts

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