Help for my elderly mother

My mother is legally blind, 85 and has diabetes, My father has passed on and my mother has requested from her lawyer for her son to come into her meeting with her present lawyer to witness what she was signing (her assets were being renewed - we she wasn't sure what she was signing and the lawyer would not allow anyone else in the meeting at that time. Since then my mother has asked her lawyer to do up paperwork adding her three kids name to the very few assets she has or to have a power of attorney appointed. So another meeting was set up and the meeting was a waste of time and money on my mother's part. she is still confused and the lawyer still would not allow anyone in to the meeting to help her understand what message is being conveyed. I am worried that if my mother becomes ill and incapacitated what will happen to her if none of us can grant her wishes in certain situations. As her worried children what would be your advice for us to be able to help her and avoid legal complications should something happen.

Asked almost 3 years ago in Ontario
Categories: Elder Law  Wills, Estates, Trusts  Administrative  Family Law

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