Obligation to pay for services not received

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Asked over 2 years ago in British Columbia
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Good afternoon. My situation is that I hired a company and signed a contract, to assist me by removing 4 links on the internet that were using photographs of me without my consent. They successfully removed one link and notified me of such. I then paid the the fee for that removal. I subsequently was able to get the 3 remaining links removed on my own and advised the company of this. They responded that it was in fact they who were responsible to have the links removed. Prior to my advising them, they had not provided me with any notice of their success in removing any more links. They are now demanding the remaining $ for these 3 additional links. I do not have any way of providing proof that it was my efforts that removed the links.. and neither do they. How should I handle this?

Posted over 2 years ago

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