First offence shoplifting

I was caught yesterday shoplifting ($45 value), I have never done anything like this before and i still dont know why i did it. I have no previous offences or any other charges, This is my first run-in with the law. I was wondering what the outcomes will be, Also what are the chances that I could get conditional discharge, I dont want this to be on my permanent record. Thank you

Asked 12 months ago in St.johns, Newfoundland and Labrador
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Andrew Captan

Answer by Andrew Captan

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Sorry to hear about this Theft Under $5,000 (shoplifting) charge.

You may be offered a chance to participate in the Diversion (Direct Accountability) program, through which you can deal with the charge outside the traditional criminal court process.  The program usually involves completion of community service, a letter of apology and/or making a charitable donation.  If the Crown Attorney offers you a chance to participate, and you do participate (and complete the program requirements), the charge will usually be withdrawn or stayed, leaving you without any finding of guilt or criminal conviction.


Andrew Captan
Toronto Criminal Lawyer | 

Posted 12 months ago

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