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Hi! I'm a graphic designer who lives in Montreal and Im in the process of opening a t-shirt dropshiping business. To start my store will only be for the US market. My first question is concerning the name and the logo I created for my compagny, do I have to trademark them? Also what is best way to protect my t-shirt designs so I dont have copyright problems. Finally, my wholesaler is located in California and Im in Montreal so for taxes how does it work? I've read on forums that US taxes dont apply since I'm in Canada but I'm not sure about this info. If there's anything else you think I should know or do before I open my online store please let me know. Thank you! Greg.

Asked almost 3 years ago in Montreal, Quebec
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Andrei Mincov

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If you plan your store to be around at least for several years, it's a good idea to trademark the brand. Early on.

Protecting t-shirt designs could be a challenge. If it's an actual design, i.e. an image, it would be protected automatically as copyright.

If you are referring to smart phrases, then copyright wouldn't protect them, and in many cases, USPTO will not allow registration as a trademark on the ground that such phrases are nothing but "ornamental" trademarks.

The easiest way to get started with trademarks would be for you to fill out the form at — and we will do all necessary trademark searches and prepare your trademarkability report for you, free of charge. This way you'll know for certain—without spending a dime—whether or not your brand is trademarkable.

If you need a more detailed consultation about strategy, you're welcome to book a paid call with me on Clarity: http://TMF.Rocks/clarity .

Look forward to helping you secure your brand.

Posted almost 3 years ago

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