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Bought my mother's house after getting an independent evaluation by a certified property evaluation company. Our other family had not been involved with mom since oct of 2014. We bought the place and went through moms lawyer to make sure that we were never going to be told that we had taken advantage of her. Her lawyer had been with her for approx 20yrs. We bought the property and needed to renovate and mom was going to live here free of charge. Her lawyer said that he did not want her on the ownership in case there were any issues with owing money so we signed a promissary note stating that we owed her the balance of the house and that she had the right to live on the property. In Jan of 2015 she reconciled with the sisters and they took her for respite care. We got a lawyers letter 3 wks later saying that she no longer lived here and they wanted the money out of the prommisary note. In addition we have paid to store he belongings for 6 mths and then stored them on the property. We have been in negotiations for them to pick up her personal belongings for over 1.5 yrs. Most recently we have provided 22 dates btwn June 2nd and July 22 in order for them to pick up personal belongings. They met none of those dates with a qualified insured mover. Most recent is a letter from the mother's lawyer stating that as they have not been allowed to pick up property they now want to pick certain personal items and have us provide 20000 for the remaining items. Should we not choose to keep them we would be responsible for cost of disposal. We believe that bcs we have stored these items for over 2 yrs and have provided several dates for pick up that we are no longer responsible to provide access and can then charge them for disposal. Any ideas?

Asked almost 3 years ago in Millbrook, Ontario
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