Person who is unable to care for self (suicide worries)

My 23 year old friend is in a tricky situation. Her father has shown signs of being mentally ill. He has isolated himself and ceased most contact with all friends and family. He is an alcoholic and he has barely left his house for the past few months and the only news his family gets is when he posts things on Social Media (usually delusional texts that make no sense or suicidal texts). He has lost his job a while ago and has now posted that he is selling the house. He told his other daughter that he was leaving to travel the world. He had given a few scares to his family about committing suicide. He also has many paranoia delusions of percussion and other types of delusions. We do not believe he is able to care for himself and we believe he is a danger to himself. The authority says he is in his rights. She is very concerned and was wondering if there was anything she could do legally to make sure of her father's safety and well-being. At this rate he is heading towards death or homelessness in our opinion. This person does not think he has a problem and is not willing to seek treatment.

Asked about 3 years ago in Montreal, Quebec
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