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I was served papers on 5th May to goto to supreme court on May 17 for occupation of family home (spouse and step children) and child support and spousal support. I believe I have 30 days to respond to the documents served. Can I respond to my spouses lawyer asking them to give me the full 30 dayswhich will postpone the court case?

Asked 17 days ago in Lumby, British Columbia
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Answer by Leena Yousefi

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It sounds like the lawyer has obtained something called an "exemption from the JCC requirement". Have you been served with a Requisition? It basically means that they have obtained permission to have the Application heard prior to the 30 day deadline. If that is the case, you will need to provide response materials to their application. Since occupancy and support are at stake, I highly recommend that you at least consult with a family lawyer and don't do it yourself because the first stage of litigation sets the tone and stage for the rest of it. I am not currently taking on any client, but you can click on my best family lawyer blog to find out the best lawyers in BC to assist you. Good luck!

Posted 17 days ago

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