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Dear sir/madam, A few weeks ago I received a notice of misconduct from LSAC regarding some information that I emailed to a law school which they found to be inaccurate/withholding information. Specifically, I emailed a law school in Ontario (I live in British Columbia) and asked if I could apply for late registration due to some family issues. In that email, I wrote my LSAT score and GPA (I converted it using the OLSAS scoring scale). After a few emails they told me that there were inconsistencies in my email (honest mistake on my part) and that they reported me to LSAC. After that, LSAC contacted me with the misconduct notice. In the misconduct notice it pretty much states that the GPA I stated in the email is not consistent with my transcript(which I also provided in the same email) and that I purposely hid some information. They gave me 20 days to respond. I replied back to the notice saying that it was just a honest mistake on my part because I really thought I converted the GPA properly. However, a few days ago I received a reply back from LSAC saying that they still think that some misconduct happened and that I have two weeks to appeal their decision. Also, I recently found out that the individual I was in contact with at the law school works for the LSAC misconduct board. I am not sure if this fact affects my situation in any way. Do you guys deal with cases like this? Please let me know.Thank you

Asked over 3 years ago in British Columbia
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Answer by Mike C Stewart, P.Eng

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Hi there,
We handle a lot of matters like this.
You can give us a call to discuss.

Posted over 3 years ago

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