How to apply for fiance to visit canada? undecided where we want to live once married hence we do not want to apply for a sponsorship at this time.

I have been dating a guy from Jamaica for about 17 months now. We have recently become engaged (no date for a wedding at this time but thinking about 1.5 years or so from now). I have travelled to Jamaica 4 times (since we initially met) in the last 17 months. We have applied for a Visitors Visa in the past but were unsuccessful. I would like for him to come and visit my friends and family before we start wedding planning because I would like them to meet the man I am marrying before the wedding day. We have not decided where we would like to live once we are married but I would like for him to at least visit Canada before we make this decision. I have read lots about stating a "fiancé" is applying for a visitors visa and that most applications are unsuccessful. I have no idea where to go from here. We don't want to rush to get married to get him here, we want to have the wedding of our dreams. We were thinking about booking airfare and proving the return ticket but was told that this would be again result in rejection. I have a good job, I pay taxes, I just want my fiancé to be able to come and visit and not feel pressured to sponsor him when we aren't sure where we want to live once we are married. I need clear information on how to go about this.

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There is no law which prohibits  your fiancee from visiting Canada, however practically speaking, he would likely be refused.

Since you provided clear information in your question of the reasons you want him to first visit Canada and then make a decision on where to marry and reside with you as a spouse, I would suggest you to try to invite him as a visitor first. Please keep in mind though that we don't have a special "fiancee visa" and the examining immigration officer will perceive his application as a regular temporary visitor's plea. It means that your fiancee must satisfy the officer that he will leave Canada after the expiry of his temporary status. It will not be an easy task because he might be seen as a person who could change his mind and decide that he will marry you in Canada and thus demonstrate that he has permanent intentions to establish himself in Canada. Which it turn will contradict the spirit of his plea for a temporary status. 

Posted about 3 years ago

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