Ricky rachett scam mechanic

Just wondering if a mechanic shop is allowed to 1, post pictures of your vehicle on Facebook with your plate number showing with the issues and ask wonder what this means? The post pictures of the problem. Without the owners knowledge of it happening. After also I had to have it in 2 times prior they looked at it and fixed it without asking g if we approved the work to be done both times costing over 600 dollars which did get paid to them via credit card the same day the repair was done and now this time they towed it which is 75 dollars and is completely OK. But before they would look at it they wanted a 200 dollar cash. Not debit not credit but cash deposit or they wouldn't even look at it. They told my girlfriend that all the tires were flat and they had to take it off the tires to drag it I. The shop so they needed bout a 200 dollar cash deposit to cover the cost before they would continue. Then proceeded to tell me the same until I informed them that I k ew only one tire was on its rim the rest had air when it was towed. So they told me the tires were frozen to the ground and that's why they had to take them off before he moved it. Yet it was just towed in that day after sitting in the parking g space for 2 months. Tires aren't frozen to the ground. Then my grandma called as she is the one paying for it and also the ow er of the vehicle and told her that becUse there was water in the rad that both the rad and the engine was most likely cracked and it would cost over 2000 to fix it. And since she wasn't going to pay that to fix it he left her with an option of giving him the vehicle for the 200 dollar bill that somehow accumulated when the tow is a flat fee of 75 dollars so now the vehicle has been given to him in place of payment for him to fix and resell.. j was just wondering if that's legal or if he's just being a shady mechanic and ripping people off

Asked almost 4 years ago in London, Ontario
Categories: Elder Law  Criminal Law  Business Law  General Legal Questions

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