My father is 89 years old and a poor credit score or rating would not hurt him at his age. what would be his best option in dealing with this problem.

My mother passed away in January 2016. She had just purchased a new van. My brother and I as executors surrendered the van back to the dealership. The van was sold by the dealership but there was money still owing on the van in the amount of 5000. Now a collection agency via a law firm has sent my father a notice stating that he must pay the money at once. He has no money as my parents didnt have a lot. He is 89 years old if we decide not to pay the money what would be the consequences? He currently lives with his eldest son and his wife.

Asked almost 4 years ago in Leamington, Ontario
Categories: Poverty Law  Elder Law  Debt & Bankruptcy  Wills, Estates, Trusts

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