Do we have a legimate case against these co-workers and the hospital facility and can this be combined as one suit ?

My wife has been mob bullied at work by co-workers ,given the silent treatment , not being helped with patient cares , excluded from everything , management has been made aware of this through several meetings and the response from the manager was " how do we fix this " and nothing has been done . My wife and I have researched cases of mob bullying and have come to the conclusion our only solution is to sell our home and move so that was our plan but these co-workers turned the blame on my wife filing harassment charges against her , they are really out to destroy her . The reason for the mob bullying is her father was admitted to hospital where my wife works and his care was less than adequate and the family reported staff members for an illegal action and other actions that we done to her father and the co-worker blame my wife for this . Letters were written to management about her fathers care but were not addressed by the manager , so a letter was sent to the CEO and only then did the family get a response , the CEO sent out a representative to meet with the family ,at this meeting the manager apologized to my wife's mother saying she did not realize what the letters sent to her were about and put them on the shelf for two months and forgot about them , the representative stated that things were not done properly ( we have a letter from her stating this ) and that thing were going to change . Well change did not happen things just got worse , the family members were treated with total disrespect and the bullying of my wife escalated . During the course of this bullying my wife received a text message from a co-worker asking if she was going to apologize to the nurse that performed the illegal action , my wife replied to the co-worker saying the co-worker was only going by what she was being told to her and was not present at the incident and why would she take side without hearing her side of things to which the co-worker replied she was taking the side of 20/30 other staff members and she felt sad for my wife and that the medical ward would never be the same ( we have the texted messages to back this ) . A meeting between HR and my wife resolved nothing with the HR person saying this was just a bunch of hens having a squabble and they need to sit down and work it out , so as the bullying continued HR realize this was bigger than she thought and decided to set up respectful workplace meetings , well this only fuelled the fire . During all of this my wife's brother was admitted to the same hospital being treated for cancer , he passed on April 1st 2016 , my wife as well as family member were not given condolences by staff , on the harassment charges filed by my wife's co-workers they stated that they wanted my wife disciplined and that her father be moved to another facility A.S.A.P . There is so much more to this situation which involves not only mob bullying but also the care of my wife's father , the stress on her mother and other family members as well as the stress my wife and I are going through. At present my wife's father is in a long term care facility with his feet literally rotting away due to the inadequate care he received in the hospital . My wife has been removed from the medical ward to the outpatients department with no indications as to what's next . The only thing we know is my wife's reputation has been ruined even if the harassment allegations are proven to be false ( which we know are , it's retaliation against my wife for acts by her co-workers that were reported by my wife's family ) we can't for-see her continuing to work at this facility . My wife has worked for this health care for twenty five years and this is the only time there has been any issues . My question is what are our options ?

Asked almost 4 years ago in Newfoundland and Labrador
Categories: Elder Law  Civil Litigation  Personal Injury  Defamation, Libel, Slander  Health

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