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I want to sponsor my father to come to Canada from the US. I know I do not meet the income requirement but he has his own monthly income and private insurance that he can bring with him, so he will not be 100% dependent on me or my husband for support. But besides being his only child, his health is failing due to his current abusive living situation in the US. Is there a way I can still sponsor him to come to live with me and my family even if I do not meet the income requirement?

Asked almost 6 years ago in British Columbia
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Tim Bailey

Answer by Tim Bailey

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Unfortunately, Citizenship and Immigration Canada bases its assessment of a sponsorship entirely on the income of the sponsor (you) and a co-sponsor (your spouse).  Your parent could be a billionaire and CIC would still not consider your parent's financial situation.  They are very strict with the minimum qualifying income requirements, and very unlikely to make any exceptions.  As an alternative, you might consider a "supervisa" for your father:


In a supervisa application your father's ability to provide private health insurance and his ability to self-support would be considered as part of the application.

Posted almost 6 years ago

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