Renting in an illegal unit, questions and facts.

The unit me and another tenant have been renting for 11 months now has been deemed illegal, in a whats supposed to be a single family unit to comply with the zoning and fire safety laws . There are 11 units, 9 currently rented, 3 illegal units. We have been issued a form N13 and my date of termination after receiving 120 days notice is march 31st. Now that i know this. I have to move and incur expenses and undue hardship due to no fault of my own and i was un-aware the unit was illegal.Is it illegal for my landlord to collect the upcoming months rent of December to march 31st because the unit is illegal. I found this -> Defense

Asked over 4 years ago in Brampton, Ontario
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The landlord likely made a material misrepresentation when he/she contracted with you and you may be owed damages for the needless moving expenses and hardship.  Technically, you would need to get a judgment against the landlord before receiving any compensation for those damages.

If you unilaterally withhold rent, the landlord can sue you for the unpaid rent and you could counter-claim for the above damages.  The court may penalize you in some way for taking matters into your own hand.

Posted over 4 years ago

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