Legal rights when property taken without consent, but out of assumed honest but mistaken belief.

I was at a birthday dinner at Red Lobster when I finished eating I noticed my jacket was missing. In my jacket is my wallet with all my identification (Drivers Licence, SIN Card, Health Card etc.,) Confidential information, my car and house keys, a digital authenticator and a questionnaire for jury duty.I was informed by the staff/manager that a call had come in from a patron who mistaken took my jacket but instead of returning it to the Red Lobster they took it to a local mall (Fairview) lost and found. The person at Red Lobster who took the call did not ask for their name or record the number. I asked if they had a call log or were able to obtain one, but they could not. I then went to the mall, and inquired at the security, guest services and the lost and found locations at the stores. I could not find my jacket and there was no report of an item being dropped off. I returned to the restaurant and talked to the manager and requested that he obtained the call log for that time from the telephone company. (At this point, timeline wise, it is later at night and I will check again with the mall/restaurant tomorrow).My question is that if the mall cannot find my jacket, and if the Red Lobster store cannot produce a number/contact for the people that took my jacket who is held accountable under the law? Am I to pay for the replacement of my locks for my car/house, the loss of the money in my wallet, the replacement fees for all my identification and the loss of time myself?Thank you,Sorry if this sounds angry in tone, but as you can understand its been a long day.

Asked almost 5 years ago in Toronto, Ontario
Categories: Civil Litigation  Small Claims

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