Plzz reply my askin 2nd time.plzz a permanant resident in Canada and I have a daughter who is 5months old she is Canadian citizen.i m now married to a person in july,2013 who lives in Pakistan..I m not doing any job and I have no living with my parents in I want to sponsor my spouse.can I sponser him.he is a doctor and have a job in his country..plz give me can I sponsor him.can I sponsor him rightaway showing no income.may be I will start a job in some Weeks.give me advice plz?is it necessary to show income for 1year and then u can sponsor a spouse somebody told me that..plz I want an advice.

Asked almost 7 years ago in Victoria, British Columbia
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Tim Bailey

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It is not necessary to work for a year to sponsor someone as a spouse.  However, the government requires you not to be on provincial welfare, and also concerns itself as to whether "adequate" financial arrangements are in place to help your husband become established once he arrives in Canada.  "Adequate" usually means some indication that your husband will not have to go on welfare when he arrives.  Having a job and the ability to help contribute to the family's expenses would help to establish that adequate arrangements have been made.

The most important part of any spousal sponsorship is evidence that the relationship is genuine.  Never underestimate how much evidence CIC might require.  If there is a significant difference in age, education, or culture between you and your husband, or if you have not spent a lot of time together, then CIC may believe the relationship is not genuine.  It is very, very important that you include as much evidence of the genuine nature of your relationship as part of the application.

Posted almost 7 years ago

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Ok..thank u sir

Posted almost 7 years ago

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