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Ontario Court of Justice. Motion to Change and Change Information Forms served on my ex to adjust child support amount to child support table amount based on his reported income. The court office set the court date when I filed the motions to change. The court date is Tuesday, but the 30 days to answer the Motion to Change for the respondent isn't until Thursday - 2 days after the court date. He has not yet filed or served me with any answer - Consent or Response. He has informed me that the duty council would be representing him in court as he cannot attend the court date. Should I contact the court office and ask for a new court date for some time after Thursday in hopes that he either files an answer by then or he does not answer at all (which would be fine with me, obviously)? Should I just attend on Tuesday with no answer and no present respondent?

Asked almost 5 years ago in Ontario
Categories: Family Law

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FYI - I called the court office this morning and they said to just attend as scheduled anyway. It is likely the courts will adjourn to a later date. Thanks.

Posted almost 5 years ago

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