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I am a beneficiary of my fathers will. Probate was granted in March 2010 - exactly 364 days after my father passed away. My presence has been acknowledged and a copy of the Will sent to me.

Despite numerous requests for updates, bank statements, interest accrued, where money been paid out, etc the QC does not reply. It follows that my benefit is not forthcoming and my fathers wishes are not being met.

Embezzlement by the Executor comes to my mind together with unsound advice from the QC to their client (the Executor).

PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asked about 8 years ago in Edmonton, Alberta
Categories: Wills, Estates, Trusts

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Katherine MacRae

Answer by Katherine MacRae

VerifiedAlberta lawyer

The lawyer acts for the executor, not you, and cannot, without instructions from the executor, send you any information.  Whether or not he is a QC is irrelevant.
Your inquiries should be made directly to the executor.  To keep a proper paper trail, it may be advisable to send those inquiries by registered mail.

Posted about 8 years ago

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