How serious is this? am i really in the wrong?

Hello, i am an 18 year old female. I had a 17 year old girl txt me saying rude things and aggrivating me. I said to her "If you said this to my face, i would knock you out". The girl is now trying to charge me for "uttering threats". I got arrested and made a statement to the police. I was wondering if i can really get charged for this. First of all, she was saying rude and hurtful things to me. Second of all, i did not really threaten her. She had nothing to be threatened of unless she "said it to my face". Advice please?

Asked about 8 years ago in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Categories: Criminal Law

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John P Gustafson

Answer by John P Gustafson

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It is an offence to utter threats to cause someone death or bodily harm.  You're case however seems to fall close to the line; it may not be a simple yes or no.  The Crown prosecutors MAY choose to proceed with charges, or given your young age and (I assume) lack of a criminal record they MAY choose other options that will not result in a criminal conviction.
Contact a lawyer in your area or look into legal aid or free legal assistance programs in the area if you cannot afford one.  It may take someone calling the Crown and acting as your advocate to make this go the right way for you.

Posted about 8 years ago

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