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Wayne P. L. Cusack
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At wits end
Question asked almost 4 years ago

How can we gain access to my brother-in-law's accounts to make sure payments are made?
Question asked almost 4 years ago

executor issues
Question asked almost 4 years ago

Agreed Contract start unfulfilled despite resignation from prior job
Question asked almost 4 years ago

Please we need help
Question asked almost 4 years ago

Civil Litigation, Family Law, Business Law, Wills, Estates, Trusts, Appellate Practice, Defamation, Libel, Slander, Labour & Employment, Corporate/Commercial, Contracts, Debt & Bankruptcy, Landlord-Tenant, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Private Investigations, Administrative, General Legal Questions, Internet, Elder Law, Real Estate, Animals, Agricultural & Rural Law, Constitutional Law, Malpractice


35 years


Wayne Cusack can assist with complex litigation or handle emergency cases requiring immediate preparation of wills, powers of attorney or court documents. Wayne has been practicing law in Ontario since 1985, and during that time he has handled a wide range of cases in all levels of Ontario courts. Wayne's current law practice covers two distinct areas: firstly, handling emergency matters involving civil litigation, family law and wills and powers of attorney, and secondly, consulting on cases that involve business valuations. Wayne began his legal career in Ottawa. His first law firm grew to 11 lawyers operating from 3 law offices. In 2006 he sold his law firm and joined a mid-sized firm as an associate lawyer. In 2009 he moved to Toronto.

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