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Mike C Stewart, P.Eng
verified lawyer
  • ATAC LAW Corporation
  • 4300 N Fraser Way
  • Burnaby, BC V5J 0B3
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I'd like to return my car to the bank.
Question asked over 3 years ago

Contractor hired to add noise absorption material to walls. Material used didn't work.
Question asked over 3 years ago

Partnership with non Canadians
Question asked over 3 years ago

Can my company force me to pay for an event I had to cancel on going?
Question asked over 3 years ago

Can I sue the person who sent me nude pictures of my now ex wife
Question asked over 3 years ago

Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Natural Resources, Environmental Law, Insurance, Business Law, Administrative, Tax, Real Estate, Malpractice, Health, Corporate/Commercial, Contracts, Civil Litigation, Internet, General Legal Questions

British Columbia

4 years


Mike is a partner with ATAC LAW. He is both a lawyer and a professional engineer. He advises clients on a wide range of matters including all business issues, technology licensing, dispute resolution and professional liability. In addition, Mike is licensed to appear before all administrative tribunals in Canada. Mike has also appeared for clients before the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Previously, Mike worked for local Vancouver firm Harper Grey LLP, and for Canada’s largest intellectual property firm, Smart & Biggar. Let Mike help you with your legal questions.

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