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How do I transfer courts to a different province?
Question asked over 6 years ago

Am I legally obligated to pay child support after living with a woman for 6 months, should we split up, even if it isn't my child?
Question asked over 6 years ago

Multi-Province Divorce
Question asked over 6 years ago

can my ex sue me for back child support now that my son lives with me?
Question asked over 6 years ago

Upholding Pre Marital Agreements
Question asked over 6 years ago

Family Law

British Columbia

35 years


BC and Alberta medium to high net worth BC family and divorce and BC child custody, Vancouver Child Support, Surrey spousal support, and family property division and agreement lawyers with offices throughout BC in Vancouver, Surrey, Kelowna and Fort St John BC. Call us toll free 1-877-602-9900. Divorce is always a serious matter, and in the case of parties who own significant assets, relationship exit strategies can be highly complex and challenging. The MacLean Family Law Group brings tenacity and strategic approaches to a BC divorce by maximizing financial awards, winning desired child custody, and addressing tax concerns. Lorne N. MacLean is one of Western Canada's most experienced attorneys concentrating in family law and BC divorce, successfully protecting clients' rights since 1983.

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