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Practice Areas: DUI, Criminal Law, Administrative, Legal Aid

"Innovative criminal defence."

whats the policy in canada on leaving the country to an international country (not the U.S.) with a criminal record?
Question asked over 9 years ago

How long does one have to file statutory rape charges?
Question asked over 9 years ago

Hello, my name is Laura and I have my own business. I have a client who doesn't want to pay for the job i have done in their house. She gave me a cheque signed by her with correct amount of money but it did not go through. Unfortunately, we have not signe
Question asked over 9 years ago

DUI, Criminal Law, Administrative, Legal Aid



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Lawrence Gridin is a criminal defence lawyer at Brauti Thorning Zibarras LLP. Lawrence has been actively involved in the defence of both routine and complex criminal matters, including several high profile criminal cases. He also has experience with regulatory and professional discipline matters before various courts and tribunals. Lawrence received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto, with a double major in Psychology and History. He completed his LL.B. (Criminal Law Concentration) at the University of Western Ontario in 2010. While at law school, Lawrence spent two years as a supervisor at a community legal aid clinic. He has successfully represented clients before the Ontario Court of Justice, Small Claims Court, and the Landlord and Tenant Board. He is also the recipient of a BLG Research Fellowship, the Justice C.D. Stewart Trophy, a Criminal Lawyers' Association Award, the Genest Murray Award in Advocacy, and he graduated on the Dean's Honour list. Lawrence was called to the Ontario bar in 2011.

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