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L. John Alexander
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  • Cox Taylor
  • 26 Bastion Sq
  • Victoria, BC V8W 1H9
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Section 223 - BC Land Titles Act
Question asked over 11 years ago

I purchased a hose with two friends several years ago, and now want out.How do I calculate my share?
Question asked about 9 years ago

I personally served individuals and companies, Third party notices which are now in default. Would a filed affidavit of service suffice as proof of service in
Question asked about 9 years ago

holiday pay for graveyard workers
Question asked about 9 years ago

Our one year rental agreement with our tenants ended on May 31, then turned into a month by month tenancy automatically. In April we gave our tenants three months notice to vacate the property by July 31st.
Question asked about 9 years ago

Administrative, Civil Litigation, Environmental Law, Labour & Employment, Municipal Law

British Columbia

37 years

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